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Are you a financial advisor struggling to increase your sales and attract more clients? If so, you're not alone. Many advisors face common objections that can hinder their sales success. That's why we've created this FREE resource that addresses the top 6 objections and recommended responses to overcome them.

By downloading this guide, you'll gain valuable insights into how to handle objections related to price, value, trust, tax efficiency, and more. You'll be able to overcome objections with confidence, build trust with your prospects, and ultimately increase your sales and grow your business.

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Hello financial advisors!

Studying objections is crucial for any business, especially for financial advisors who deal with objections on a regular basis. Being able to handle objections effectively can mean the difference between gaining a new client or losing them to the competition.

Objections can be an opportunity to build trust with a prospect by addressing their concerns and demonstrating your expertise. By understanding the common objections that arise in your industry and having a solid strategy for overcoming them, you'll be better equipped to close deals and grow your business.

So, don't overlook the importance of objection handling - take the time to study and master overcoming these objections today!


The Top 6 Objection Responses to obtain more Whole Life

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Meet your industry expert: TOM WALL, Ph.D.

In 2021, after spending 19 years in the life insurance industry as an advisor, wholesaler, and home office leader, I decided to take a major leap and carry the torch for the whole life insurance industry on my own terms. Misinformation and competing ideologies have stood in the way of people adopting this amazing, centuries-old financial product. I've studied and achieved a Ph.D. under the smartest people in financial services academia, spoken to thousands of advisors in my travels, and worked behind the scenes with the actuaries and engineers of these amazing vehicles. I can tell you with honesty and integrity that whole life insurance from the right companies, particularly in 2022 and beyond, is the best kept secret in financial planning and most people should own it.